Is the Next Series Finally Arriving?

The Next Star Wars Trilogy? Episodes VII, VIII and IV Coming Soon

We haven't produced Episodes VII, VIII or IV yet - primarily because we're unemployed stormtroopers and the costs to produce a short film, including the amount time for editing, have become cost prohibitive. Because of the budget deficit in the United States, projects such as ours have been considered "pork" and have been line-item vetoed by President Obama. Fear not though, we're in talks with … [Read More...]

Unemployed Stormtrooper – Beginnings Delayed

Unemployed Stormtrooper: Beginnings unofficial release coming 11.11.11?

Big news today on the Unemployed Stormtrooper front for all of you faithful fans! Today, Tom Jalana, creative mastermind behind the Unemployed Stormtrooper series announced on his Facebook page today that the next installment of Unemployed Stormtrooper will be released to YouTube on 11.11.11. Film industry insiders said that this announcement came as a "complete surprise" as very little … [Read More...]

Donations Welcome

Paying a crew to follow me along on my journeys is an expensive proposition. Even though they've charged me nothing for their time to tell my story, a donation to them would be greatly appreciated, and maybe get them to do another episode! Donate to them today!